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Emily Bache & Abigail Breslin

Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin, better known as the WanderLust Girls, have been best friends for 24 years. They met in middle school in a small town just outside of Boston. After discovering a shared love of fashion, adventure, and the fact that they were the same shoe and clothing size, they began to cultivate an inseparable friendship and a joint wardrobe. During their college years, the girls ended up on opposite ends of the East Coast. The blog was formed their senior year as a more fashionable way to keep in touch. In just a year, they had gained a cult following and decided to both live in New York City and pursue the blog full time post-graduation. Within months of immersing themselves in the NYC fashion world, they began to get hired to style campaigns and projects for brands. In 2011 they formed their company Wanderlust Fashion LLC, which specializes in content creation and wardrobe styling.

The WanderLust Girls have become known for their iconic black and white outfits, dry sense of humor and unwavering friendship. They have attended 16 seasons of New York Fashion Week and created long lasting relationships with designers from all over the world. Some of their styling clients include Jack White, Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York), Bloomingdales, Elizabeth Arden, SNL, Major League Soccer and Samantha Fish. Their blog has expanded to incorporate fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Partnerships include brands like Royal Caribbean, Priceline, Verizon and Rimmel. You can spot the dynamic duo in publications like WWD, People, OK! Magazine and the style section of the New York Times. 

Emily and Abigail believe dressing should be joyful, so follow the fun at @wanderlustgirls.

Learn more about Emily & Abigail on their website.

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Life is A Runway: How Clothing, Accessories, and Having Fun with Fashion Can Open Doors and Unlock Dream Opportunities

Best friends Emily and Abigail instinctively knew that fashion was important as a way to express themselves and connect with other people. From the time they were teens, they shared clothes as often as they shared adventures, and as their friendship and fashion sense continued to develop, the way they dressed opened any number of possibilities. Their styling business was even born because of a conversation that started with a comment about what they were wearing. 

Seizing the opportunities that their fashion choices have presented them with over the years, Emily and Abigail will share how the clothes they wear have provided opportunities for others to engage with them. Whether it's that fun hat, the great bag everyone comments on, or a feather boa you wear to dance class, the clothes we wear show a sliver of who we are, and what we like, which allows us to connect organically and enthusiastically. 

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