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Elisabeth Donaldson

Elisabeth Donaldson is a professional Actress, model, comedienne, photographer and multi-hyphenate creative- with over 20 years of experience in front of the camera and 10 years of professional experience behind it.  Based in Nashville, TN she utilizes her media skills to promote and share her diverse array of talents across many different social media platforms which has earned her a dedicated following on socials (18k on IG and 55K on Tiktok) as well as many viral moments with her quick-witted and impactful videos.


Her comedic skills have made her one of Nashville’s most in-demand commercial actresses, also starring in several independent feature films with an array of roles in film and television projects produced by big name studios. Her unique photography work has been featured in both local publications and Rolling Stone and she has styled award winning music videos working with such artists as the Black Keys and Brad Paisley.


 “I started as an actress with a thrift blog and I had to teach myself how to take my own picture because I couldn’t afford to pay someone.” From there she developed her skills into a multi-media, multi genre freelance career.


More than anything else, she believes in hard work, boundless imagination, making things go right; and caring for the world and the people in it. 


Elisabeth's Instagram features side-splitting, satirical reels that'll keep you giggling. It'll also keep you up to date on her current projects, including "Ghosted," a short movie about modern dating and how crazy it can get! 

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Real Talk for Really Amazing Women: The Key to Self-Confidence & Knowing Your Worth

Elisabeth wants to tell you a secret: even the people “at the top” are still figuring it out.  No one really knows what they are doing - but the people that show up and DO end up getting it done and the people that don’t… well they don’t. And this is exactly how Elisabeth was able to navigate and build a career as a freelance multihyphenate creative with no college education, no roadmap, no money, and no prior experience.

You see - while the status quo and your own self-doubt might be telling you that you need to achieve a certain level of confidence and education before you can start executing on your dream life - the truth is that Confidence is built through action and that your worth is determined by your commitment to doing what it takes to deliver your very best.

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